I find this idea to prevent women from being sexually harassed extremely interesting. The little "Tampax" is inserted into the woman, and the needle will eject if a penis tries to penetrate the vagina. Thankfully the device is mad so it can't harm the carrier, only the man (and his "thingy")

The "tampon" was invented in Sweden, and you can read more about it here


  1. Tinder said...
    Wow, that is amazing. Kind of funny, in a weird, sick way.
    Lesbilicious said...
    What an absolutely terrible idea.
    1. If the woman can pull it out by the string, surely the rapist can too?
    2. rape isn't always about vaginal penetration
    3. All technology can fail, and if that spike comes out when it shouldn't it could do a lot of damage.
    belledame222 said...
    What lesbilicious said. and: owowowowowowow! sorry, I'm not putting spikes in my hoohoo, I don't care which way they're facing...
    Mialicious said...
    Hmm I didn't think about the string thing. BUT I don't think a rapist thinks too hard about a Tampax with a needle, when he tried to rape a woman. But yes, I agree, it could make an awful lot of damage... Personally I wouldn't use it, but the idea is still interesting. I don't think the whole concept is developed 100% yet though... I'll keep my eye on it!
    hogart wilmes said...
    I agree fighting fire with fire is not the way to go. Was going to post a proper comment, but this guy's comments rather sum up my thoughts. Hope i'm not plagiarising.


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