About Me

This is me. Take it or leave it!

A few facts about me:

* Unofficial Mario Kart champion!
* Same goes for Trivial Persuit!
* Retired Spice Girls fan. Still in love with Melanie C *drool*
* I love my laptop.
* I love designing webstuff
* Childish (and therefore I have more fun...)
* Thinker
* Usually happy
* Not the big drinker
* Addicted to Pepsi
* Love to shop for clothes
* Fave tv-show at the mo is The Graham Norton Show... All time fave Will&Grace
* I hate mornings (extremely grumpy)
* Annoying
* Not like everyone else

1 Comment:

  1. Billychic said...
    Hey Mama

    Where are you?
    I haven't been posting on one of my blogs, but we got to posting again at Ornery Woman...I still have you on the blogroll. You rock - miss your writing.


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