It's just impossible for me to have a decent, normal friendship with another lesbian! Sorry me, but barracuda I have tried MANY times now, and I'm gonna quit it...
First of all, there's always gonna be some sort of wondering if that friend is attracted to you, or the other way around. Not neccesarely in a bad way, but you find yourself wondering about this girl in ways you perhaps shouldn't! Yes Im aware that I can only speak for myself here, but since this is my blog, I say what I want!
Even tho I have a girlfriend (I love to bits btw) I find myself unusually curious about my gay friend. To me it seems that there will always be some sort of tension between two friends who are both lesbian.
Second of all: THE DAMN JALOUSY! If one of the girls fall in love with her friend, and this particular friend is in a relationship (I'm not saying this happened to me, Im not that selfabsorbed after all). That is just bound to cause a huge drama and the friendship will most likely end.
Sometimes I find the whole lesbian scene too darn twisted. Everyone has been with eachother, and you'll only get out of this if you move far away! Maybe it's just cause I live in a pretty small country, but I am sick of it right now...
Give me a straight girl, and that's a proper friend who aint trying to steal your girlfriend, who wont fall in love with you and best of all; She wont be involved with the "lesbian scene" that you yourself so proudly has a history in...

Lesbians *rolleyes*


  1. Anonymous said...
    I am a straight man. I find similarities between your having a lesbian friend and me having a straight female friend. The sexual tension between the friends and the possible jealousy of partners both exist in the two situations. In my case your solution would be for me to have only male friends. However for you, the straight female friend may have a boyfriend/husband that could also be jealous or fear that his partner could be "switched."

    In the final analysis, relationships are complex because, after all, we are complicated human beings.
    Mialicious said...
    Very well put! I couldn't agree more. Im pretty sure it's just as hard for hetero friendships if it includes male and female. Human nature is not to change!

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