And I know my updates are slow these days. But you have to understand, this is summer, and I suddenly got myself a life since I have 3 weeks off work (IKEA very kindly agreed to give me time off, in order to re-establish my relationship with the girlfriend, who's been working hard on her exams the last month or so = No sex for me the last 30 days. Imagine my joy when I finally got laid again...)

Anywho, I spend my Saturday evening at a party, sober as hell, with people I don't know, and an extremely drunk and annoying girlfriend. And why didn't I drink?! Well IKEA had me working 12 hours on Friday and 9 on Saturday, so I couldn't feel my legs, and thereby figured alcohol wasn't the answer to my troubles. The girlfriend pushed all my bad buttons and went from happy drunk to crybaby in about 1 1/2 second (no I did NOT hit her, I just told her off...)
Thank God she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. The snoring didn't bother me AT ALL... At least I didn't have to listen to her whining (usually I'm the whiner, so maybe I should have just packed it in.)

Ahhh you gotta love them women ;) I LOVE BEING QUEER (and here...)


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