Right, I'm jalous! German kids learn how to score a same-sex partner at school! All this through role-playing... The campaign was started to limit all the prejudice against homosexuals.

But of course loads of German politicians are against this campaign. They want the whole concept changed. (Old men in gray/brown suits? possibly very Christian as well?? Im just guessing here...)

I just have to say, that I'm DAMN jalous of German kids. Why wasn't this invented when I was an innocent schoolgirl? I for one could have used a guide on how to score a lesbian chick. I would have started cruising for hotties much earlier!! Unfair, that's all I have to say about this.

A course in toungue-kissing would have come in handy as well. Maybe I wouldn't have been close to yucking up my dinner, when I kissed that boy behind the shop at 12.

First sex experience?! No, too much...we'll just leave it at that!


  1. Leo said...
    Germany apparently rocks! (at least in this area) America would have a damn cow if someone tried to start a course like that here. The homophobes heads would explode, which is a pretty good argument for starting one-lol.
    Billychic said...
    Man, I had no idea the Germans were so hip. I wish the Board of Ed in Germany would teach the folks over here a thing or two...

    Would have made high school so much more fun.
    Jen said...
    In some ways Germans are to hip!!!
    Queer Ranter said...
    Achtung baby!~~~ :)
    Dimis said...
    Now that's something very innovative, I should have known...they don't do those innovative BMW's for nothing lol

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