1. We usually don't go for straight girls, so relax, we don't want ya!

2. We are not looking at your boyfriend, we're looking at you...

3. We are not all cat lovers...

4. Not all of us are into the whole "pride thing". Casual is bloody good!

5. Don't try and "save" us, you are not attending "Pet Rescue"... (join the peace corps or something, it'll do you good)

6. We have absolutely NOTHING against men, in fact we LOVE them to bits. Note: Only as friends!

7. Yes, we're looking at your ass (and your boobs)

8. We can out-shop a straight girl any day!

9. Yes, It IS possible to be gay and Christian/Muslim/Jewish etc. (I know a few)

10. Meat is healthy, and we eat it. So don't go calling us all vegans (ew)

11. Of course we ALL LOVE Will&Grace (it's funny, and we know how to laugh at ourselves)

12. Our private parts have no resemblence to sea food what so ever, so stop joking about it ass-hole!

13. It is a myth that lesbians have been abused as kids. Yes some have, but that's not a general thing... Bare that in mind before you comment on anything!

14. ALL lesbians are womanizing promiscuous skanks, with one thing in mind : Cunt!

15. Gay jokes are only funny if told by a gay person! Otherwise it's discriminating!! ;)

16. There is no "man" in every lesbian relaionship. Just two women, sharing it all equally!

17. Surfer chicks are HOT!

18. Ellen Degeneres is funny, not just because she is a lesbian, but it sure as hell helps!

19. Our taste in music is not limited to KD Lang, Melissa Etheridge and Ani Defranco (Personally I wouldn't listen to them unless paid for...)

20. Lesbian porn has no connection to reality, especially not when it's produced for men.

Copyright: Mialicious (and don't you dare steal this list without my concent!)


  1. Leo said...
    Good one! Educating the "breeders" is a noble cause-lmao. I'm just kidding, heteros, I love ya.
    Queer Ranter said...
    Gay or Les, we all love our Will and Grace! :)
    ABBAGirl said...
    hilarious list!

    i'd also add indigo girls to 19.! folk music is cool -- but only sometimes. and not that cool, either!

    number 14 is most awesome.

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