1. You have a poster of cute babies hanging above your bed

2. You think that global warming can be solved entirely with the use of crystals

3. You get little your hair braided every time you’re on holiday (aka Monica from Friends)

4. You know ALL the lyrics to Mariah Carey’s Hero album

5. Your bed is covered in pink teddy bears and cuddly toys

6. You have facial hair

7. Your cat is in your Facebook profile picture

8. You overuse smilyes in text-messages and feel offended if people don’t reply the same way

9. You want you and your girlfriend/boyfriend to have a joint account on MSN Messenger

10. You wear “Crocs rubber shoes” in all the colors of the rainbow

11. Your friends describe you as “nutty”

12. You own a pair of leather pants (and find them VERY sexy)

13. You sit around in cafés by yourself, writing poetry …

14. You smoke like a freakin’ chimney

15. You don’t like shaving (in any way)

16. Your cat has its own blog online

17. You find yourself saying “Ohhhh are you Gemini?”

18. You wear flat shoes at fancy parties

19. You write heartbreaking letters to dangerous inmates , telling them how much you love them

20. You talk about your ex… A LOT

21. You prefer talking to your parrot instead of human beings

22. You like your knickers big and comfy

23. You think farting in public is only natural

24. Same goes for picking your nose or scratching your crotch

25. You live with your parents, and your 44

26. Your idol is Danielle Steel

27. You fancy George W. Bush

28. You wear braces and you are over the age 30

29. You converted your front yard into “garden-gnome-hell”

30. You enjoy sleeping in a nightgown

31. You have glow-in-the-dark stars above your bed

32. You make your own knitted gifts

33. You openly call the movie “Crossroads” a masterpiece, and babble on about an Oscar…

34. You own 27 different copies of “Now, That’s What I Call Music!”

35. Your cat is often found dressed (in homemade knitting)

36. You have a dating-profile in ALL dating sites

37 You put little hearts above your “i’s” and “j’s”

38. You chew with your mouth wide open

39. You sleep with your Bluetooth headset

40. You keep your socks on during sex


  1. SecretAngie said...
    "40. You keep your socks on during sex"

    Now that one can be sexy... if they're the right socks ;)
    Mialicious said...
    hahaha agreed! I prefer to have mine on, since I always have cold feet... But my girlfriend wont let me:(

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