How about it!? Levi's launches gay advertising (finally, might one say...)

Well actually they make two different editions of one commercial, fitting the desired group of buyers.

The world famous Levi's 501 model now comes in gay and straight edition! At least the commercial does ;-)

The commercial shows a sexy Levi's guy pulling on his pants. While doing this, the magic univers of Levi's appears (I sound like I am the commercial for these jeans...Not my entention!)

In this univers a hot woman or man will show their pretty bodies, depending on what you prefer to look at (Aherm... Why is there no commercial for lesbians with hot lesbians in?! The fags get all the good ads. Hmpfr)

Anywho, check out the commercial here, and sign up if you want to appear in the lesbian version with me!!


  1. Hahn at Home said...
    I'll be happy to ogle on the lesbian jean edition of the commercial, but I'll leave the modeling to you.

    Levi is in SF and you'd think they'd have caught on sooner. There are so m any gay asses to cater to right outside their windows.
    savante said...
    Pretty cool gay ad too, I might add :) Let's see what else Levis comes up with in the future.
    Becky C. said...
    Love it, and I thought my denim shorts were short--LOL:)


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