WHY on earth is Victoria Beckham named "Woman Of The Year"?!? I am sorry, but I don't see how a rich footballer's wife deserves that title! And Im even a retired Spice Girls fan...
The magazine "Glamour" is even one I have bought a couple of times... LOOORDY LOORDY, my respect is suspiciously low right now.
And what is that "dress"?! If that dress were any shorter I could see her English muffin (Karen Walker is actully God, you just don't know it...)
I suggest you eat more, wear more baggy pants and keep your mouth serverely shut, so we don't have to listen to another album (let's face it, you don't exactly need the dough Tori)
Kisses from your nr. 109999999 fan

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  1. Dimis said...
    with all due respect but Victoria is a woman of the year, even the fact she still gets so much attention it is something ex-spice girl or not. Not to mention that for her age she really bloody looks great too...and as a man I have the last word on if she's woman of the year or not

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