I didnt have an interesting weekend, so this is just gonna ME ME ME...Bare with a queerling!

Top 5 Bad Moods This Weekend:
1. Denmark vs. Sweden footy game (pissed me well off)
2. Working all bloody weekend @ IKEA (poor me)
3. Nagging girlfriend!
4. I want to SHOP
5. Ex's

Top 5 Bad Habbits:
1. Picking my nose
2. Pretending to not hear my girlfriends nagging/uninteresting info
3. Sleeping untill 11
4. Eating too much crap when I wanna sport a hot bod in my bikini
5. Spending too much money

Top 5 Wonderings:
1. Why will I never get completely satisfied?!?!
2. Will Björk ever shut the fuck up?
3. Will anyone donate a chihuahua to me?! Please?!
4. Where can I get those hawt boardshorts I just saw online?!
5. Is my ass fat?


  1. XSaraXPoeX said...
    Hey, sexy! :) I love your blogs. I'll be reading them from now on.

    Mialicious said...
    well thank u so much. I love urs too, very nice Swedish u have going on there.. hehe!

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