I'm currently on vacation, which means that I won't be able to update too often the next 14 days... (My in-laws would much prefer if I was polite enough to stay away from the laptop the next 7 days. But I'm not THAT polite...)

Anywho, I have been tagged by Hell's Handmaiden and Planet Atheism in the "Eight Things"-thingie... It seems I have to respond to this event, so I better get off my fit arse and make my statement, even tho I'm not sure what the feck this thing is, and what I have to do... (Not important u might say?!)

SO some of you skanky lesbians in my blogroll better expect a tag in this game VERY soon ;)

I WILL be back, so don't find another poor queerling's blog to love (instead of mine obviously)

Smooches Bitches!


  1. Queer Ranter said...
    Happy Holiday~~~ :)
    Mialicious said...
    Thank you! I'm enjoying it, even tho the weather here is horrible...Raaain raiiin raaain. And very few girls in skirts:(

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