Over at Becky's blog I noticed she had posted about After Ellen's Hot 100 List, and it gave me inspiration to make my very own top 15!! (well top 11...)
Charlize Theron
Mia Hundvin
Princess Madeleine
Keira Knightley
Jessica Alba
Jennifer Aniston
Scarlett Johansson
Heidi Klum
Elisha Cuthbert
Cameron Diaz

Melanie C


  1. Gcoq said...
    I agreed with you!
    Lesberita said...
    First, you can almost see Jessica Alba's boobie and that just about made my day.

    Secondly, you have Melanie C on there and that, my friend, IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mialicious said...
    I love Melanie C....And I still definitely would;) Mohahah... She made me gay!! Im sure...haha
    Anonymous said...
    You are so mainstream... how can you be cutting edge when your list is no different than some beergut football fan would list?

    Why not take a chance on...

    gerri halliwell (see p. 3 for more)

    avril lavigne

    joan jett

    poppy montgomery

    rosie o'donald (she'd really, really-really-really, take your breath away)
    Mialicious said...
    Because I'm unique... I lust after these women, they are beautiful to look at, every dumbass can see that. I didnt post a list of the most intelligent bitches u know.. Btw; Avril Lavigne IS mainstream, and she sucks rat-arse!
    AND I LIKE BRITNEY SPEARS AS WELL. applaus. over and out
    Anonymous said...
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