Qiao Qiao-China's first out lesbian singer

Gay rights organizations in China are very happy to see all the interest in the country these days.
They hope to get focus on the living conditions of Chinese homosexuals, and the daily struggle to get recognized as human beings in the communist republic.

One organization in Beijing has collected 10.000 signatures to support gay marriage. And these signatures can be seen in an exebition at the"homo-center" in Beijing.

Homosexuality is still a big taboo in China. Many people chose not to live it out, or to live it out secretly, so the organizations are extra busy these days, now the focus is on China and the this summer's Olympic Games.

Lesbian Bin Xu is worried that the exebition will be closed down by the government, since it has happended before with gay related exebitions.

I'm very much against the Olymbic Games in China, they shouldn't have a huge thing like that in such a corrupt country. Hopefully all this attention on China will lead to some sort of justice in the country, and maybe even to a better life for the Chinese people (not to mention the Tibethans)


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