Not only do some people think that gays and lesbians shouldn't have the right to adopt children, it has moved on to pets...

A Swedish (yes you read it, SWEDEN, one of the most liberal countries in the world) lesbian woman has won a case against a woman from Stockholm, who refused to sell a puppy dog to the lesbian woman and her girlfriend.

The lesbian woman contacted the dog owner via an ad in the local paper, and appearantly the dog breeder found out that her buyer was gay, so she refused to sell the puppy.

The lesbian woman reported the narrow minded dog breeder for discrimination, and thankfully she won the case!

The dog breeder claimed that she refused to sell because she had been in contact (whatever that means) with transvestites before, and she had read that they liked sex with animals and animalporn (a ? is suitable here....)

That's the lamest excuse I've heard for years. But thank God they still give us the right to adopt animals (however long that might be true).


  1. XSaraXPoeX said...
    The big question is...was the dog male or female? :)

    Mialicious said...
    LOL I don't know... Hmm
    Tinder said...
    WTF? I guess whackjobs are international.

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