It's all good in Denmark for us gays, we finally get equal rigths in the matter of adoption. Only problem is, that very very few countries in the world are actually willing to let gay couples adopt any of their children... Only few Danish kids are put up for adoption every year, so the chance of getting a baby if you are a gay couple is extremely small.

I for one am happy with the new law, I just want the rest of the world to change their perspective as well! A small thing, that will never ever happen, unfortunately.


  1. RR Johnson Jr. said...
    I'm been reading your blog and you have some really interesting articles. I am heterosexual myself and I think it would be wonderful if gay couples could adopt children from outside of Denmark. The important thing about love in any relationship and for children is that you don't love a woman, you don't love a man, you love a human being.
    Mialicious said...
    exactly! I love hetero people who think like you do. I often find myself wondering if it IS actually bad for the child having parents both the same sex. I do think that a child, if possible should know about it's birthparents and/or biological mum/dad. If I decide to have children at one point, I would want my child to have contact with the father, cause I believe that the child will benefit a lot from it.
    Best Regards

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