Last thursday, 2 gay men were arrested for kissing eachother by the Colosseum in Rome! They were charged with "indecent behaviour", and they can actually face jail for up to 2 years (I'm in total shock).

Because of all this, there will be a protestaction this Thursday by the gay rights group Arcigay. The protest will consist of hundreds of gay and lesbian couples kissing eachother. So if you are near Rome on Thursday, please join in.

I never thought a "decent" European country like Italy could have such narrow minded restrictions. Then again, they are Catholic...


  1. Hahn at Home said...
    Well, when in Rome...I'm game.
    Becky C. said...
    OUTRAGEOUS--and in Italy too--but the Catholic Church still has a lot of pull there.

    I wish I could join in tis protest--well I just love visiting Italy:)

    Dimis said...
    I'm quite shocked actually, would never expect that from Italy. Which brings me to what becky c. wonderfully said...the cause of all evil is in fact Catholic Church. Apparently they can't spill blood no more (see 4th Crusade when they killed thousands of Orthodox X-tians) so they spill hate to anything different.
    sir jorge said...
    I thought it was only in america that things were that bad...that's ridiculous.
    Raven said...
    Those damn Catholics! How intolerant can you get? I'm shocked and amazed that these two are facing jail time for something so inoccuous (or however you spell it) as kissing in public!

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