Lordy lordy, the poor Teletubbies have yet again hit the spotlight, this time in Poland...
Ewa Sowinska, spokesperson for the rights of Polish children wants the show banned because of the purple Teletubby called Tinky Winky. Tinky Winky wears a lady purse and is quite feminin in his way of acting, and that is according to Ewa and a whole bunch of Catholic groups a sure sign that he is in fact GAY (YIIIIKES....)

Demands has been made that a psychologist should go through the whole Teletubbies show, to find other evidence that it promotes the dangerous and unnatural lifestyle of homosexuality.

I am APPALED, and in addition I am laughing my fit arse off (what a joke this is)... Sorry Poland, but we live in the year 2007, and these days homosexuality isn't a crime, nor is it dangerous or disgusting.
Btw; a children's show with a gay character will NOT make anybody gay (a pure sign of intelligence is that you are well aware off he fact that gayness isn't a disease you will get by gawking at gay ppl)...
Get over yourselves Poland, and pull your act together. You're an embarresment to the whole of Europe!

I am still laughing....


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