Is it just me or are there VERY few good magazines for lesbians out there? I've been surfing the damn worldwideweb for aaages now, and I can't find ONE magazine that I would like to subscribe to:( Maybe Im picky here, but what I want is simple: A Cosmo for lezzers :D

As Im a journalist to be, I am working on the whole idea/concept of this mag and I want this in the magazine:

+ Hot women in bikinis... ( A must! Instead og the hot men section obviously...)

+ Interesting articles about real people (Lesbians or fags. Both interesting imo)

+ Interviews with stars/celebs ( Doesn't have to be gays, but homophobes arent aloud)

+ Beauty tips (Yes lezzers like to look nice as well)

+ A lez and her pet (I know, BRILLIANT idea)

+ Lesbian Sex Tips (Of course!)

+ Movies, music and books (All sorts, not gay-ish)

+ Competitions (to win fab stuff, aint talking vibrators here...)

+ Fashion pages

+ Travelling (Gay friendly places in the world)

+ Relationship topics

All I need now is a bit of cash to get this thing started *cough*


  1. dann said...
    well i cant help with the cash im afraid but hey its a great idea and id subscribe!
    Mialicious said...
    well thank u, thats a good start:D
    creepylesbo said...
    Don't they already exist? I think the problem is, all lesbians are so different and so few read (or will pay for) magazines, there's not enough revenue in it for advertisers. I certainly wouldn't be interested in seeing pictures of women in bikinis - especially the sorts of girls the lesbian or gossip magazines usually pick and I find all the current lesbian magazines far too self-indulgent and smug. Not to mention scene-based. Sh! used to be quite a good free newspaper in the UK but that went under. I suspect people would say G3 is the modern day equivalent but I wouldn't agree. Curve is too US based, as is Girlfriend and Diva is just too naff. They try to appeal to everyone and instead they just come across as an annoying clique who are shallow and overly-friendly and claim things are interviews when it's just opinion. Rubbish.

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